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Exquisite styles, fine craftsmanship and selection of quality material makes a SWISROS watch that provides beauty on the wrist for the pleasure of eyes that sees it. Luxurious finishing enhances the image, sophistication and style for lasting impressions. Trendy, fashionable and high concept in designs is used to add more value to your precious time.

SWISROS watches are individually tested at the time of manufacturing to ensure that it is accurate and in good working order. Complete QC procedure is carried out to check for water resistance before supply and marked "Water Resistant" on the case back. However, care in usage is essential to prevent it from water so that it provides you the luxurious image and feel for longer periods of time.

Satisfaction in good quality comes with assurance. SWISROS watches carry a limited warranty for a period of one year from the date of purchase.

Care of a SWISROS watch that adds value to your precious time

Glitzy crystals on glamorous golden and sparkling silver tones, shows amazing style, fashion and beauty of your wrist.
Taking gentle care of your watch and preventing it from exposure to very high or low temperatures, water, chemicals, magnets and shocks will maintain the sheen of your watch.

Little care means a lot when it comes to the watch of your choice, such as wiping off the dust and stains regularly with a clean and soft cloth, keeping greasy fingers away from touching it and storing it in a watch box (when not in use), will help prevent it from getting scratched.